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Active Surrogate Estimators: An Active Learning Approach to Label-Efficient Model Evaluation

We propose Active Surrogate Estimators (ASEs), a new method for label-efficient model evaluation. Evaluating model performance is a challenging and important problem when labels are expensive. ASEs address this active testing problem using a surrogate-based estimation approach, whereas previous methods have focused on Monte Carlo estimates. ASEs actively learn the underlying surrogate, and we propose a novel acquisition strategy, XWING, that tailors this learning to the final estimation task. We find that ASEs offer greater label-efficiency than the current state-of-the-art when applied to challenging model evaluation problems for deep neural networks. We further theoretically analyze ASEs’ errors.

Jannik Kossen, Sebastian Farquhar, Yarin Gal, Tom Rainforth
NeurIPS 2022
[OpenReview] [arXiv]

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