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Sören Mindermann

PhD, started 2019

Sören is a DPhil student in CS supervised by Yarin Gal from OATML and Allan Dafoe from Oxford’s Centre for the Governance of AI. His interests in machine learning include its economic and political properties, how it scales, and safety. Before joining OATML, he worked on reward inference and machine learning for game theory with David Duvenaud and Roger Grosse at Toronto’s Vector Institute, with the Center for Human-compatible AI at UC Berkeley, and at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford. He has degrees in machine learning (UCL), maths (Amsterdam) and Future Planet Studies (Amsterdam). Sören is co-funded by Oxford and DeepMind.


We are located at
Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford
Wolfson Building
Parks Road
Twitter: @OATML_Oxford
Github: OATML

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